Are Wood Decks Not in Style?

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Wood decks will always be in style.

The short answer to this question we are posing is “no.” Wood decks will always be in style. This decking option is classic, affordable, and can benefit any homeowner. Many maintenance-free decks have been popular for a long time, such as composite decking. However, if your heart is set on wood, we’re here to confirm that there is a lot to love about wood decks. Here is why wood decks will never go out of style. 

Wood Decks Have Unique Grains

No wood deck has to look alike. Wood is an all-natural material that comes in many colors and grains. With this being the case, homeowners can look forward to the variety. Your wooden deck doesn’t have to look like your neighbor’s. It can stand out from your neighbor’s deck entirely. 

Wooden Decks Have a Lot of Variety

Not only do wood grains come in many varieties, but there is a lot that you can do with wood in general. If you’re interested in a gazebo or pergola deck, we can provide a rich texture that helps complement your home. 

Pressure Treating Wood Allows It to Last Longer

Some homeowners are skeptical about opting for a wooden deck, rightfully so. It makes so much sense that you want your deck to be beautiful and long-lasting. Because too much moisture is problematic for wood decks, some homeowners would prefer a different option. However, we’re here to ease your fears. When you pressure treat wood (which our contractors do), it lasts much longer. You can have your classic and affordable wood deck without worrying about it deteriorating only a year later. 


We’ve mentioned the cost-effectiveness of wood decks quite a bit in this content. However, it matters—your budget matters. You deserve to have a beautiful deck where you can relax and entertain without it cutting significantly into your savings. We have financing options available for any deck type that you choose. However, wood is relatively inexpensive within itself. Plus, we should tell you that if this is your first time hiring us to install a deck, we’ll give you $1,000 off any deck installation job that’s $6,000 or more. You can’t go wrong here.

Give Freedom Fence a call if you’re ready to bring in the summer with a stunning deck! 

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