Steel Fences Can Help Your Home Feel More Secure, and Here’s Why!

Steel Fences And Their Durability Freedom Fence

The durability that steel fences offer are unmatched

Steel fences serve as a reliable defense against trespassers. If you’re looking for a security fencing option, you undoubtedly want to consider a steel fence. Also, despite many myths, custom steel fences can be appealing and add curb appeal to your home. Here are five ways that steel fences can make any home feel more secure. 

The Durability That Steel Fences Offer Are Unmatched

Steel fencing is durable because of its coated and galvanized zinc layer, which allows it to last for decades. With the proper maintenance, which is minimal, a steel fence can last longer than a 15-year mortgage! On average, steel fences have a lifespan of about 20 years, but it’s not rare whatsoever for them to last longer. What’s even better is that one of our manufacturers, Jerith, offers lifetime warranties on steel fences! 

Hard to Damage

A fence that is susceptible to a lot of damage makes your home less secure, but you don’t have to worry about that with steel. Steel doesn’t rust or corrode, even in inclement weather conditions, making this a practical choice—the low-maintenance benefits of steel fencing doubles as to why selection offers the ultimate protection: the less fence maintenance, the better. You don’t have to worry about painting a steel fence, sealing it, or fear that a little bit of moisture will leave it vulnerable. 

Steel Fences Are See-Through

Contrary to popular belief, when a fence is see-through, it aids in security. It makes a significant difference when you’re able to see who is coming onto your property. We recommend that you opt for a tall steel fence. Steel fences, especially on commercial properties, can also have a mesh barrier to enhance their anti-climb properties. It’s also helpful when the pickets are close together so that no one can stick their hand through the fence. If you’re not a fan of people being able to see your yard, privacy fences aid in security as well. We offer so many options that appeal to many homeowners. 

Various High-Security Features

Once again, a steel fence can have anti-climb properties such as mesh, wire mesh, in particular. Another high-security feature of steel fences is razor spikes. Automatic gates are also another high-security feature in gated communities and commercial properties. 

If you’re saying yes to an appealing and durable black, green, white, or bronze steel fence, give us a call today that we can install a custom fence that you’ll love for decades to come! 

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