Should You Put PVC Decking on Your To-Do List?

Benefits of PVC Decking

After reading this content, you may consider putting PVC decking on your to-do list.

After reading this content, you may consider putting PVC decking on your to-do list. Long gone are the days where traditional wood is the most preferred material used for construction. Since composite decking has become popular, some new terms exist in the deck construction industry, with “PVC decking” being one of them. Today we will break down what PVC decking is and its advantages. 

PVC Decking Defined

First, we’ll start broad and then narrow in on what PVC decks are. “Composite decking” is a term that refers to engineered deck boards. Any deck that isn’t 100% natural, as in a wood deck, refers to composite decking. The two types of engineered deck boards are capped polymer and capped composite boards. Both of these options feature proprietary polymer caps. However, with capped polymer boards, the board’s core doesn’t contain any organic material, not even the smallest of wood flakes. 

Why Choose a PVC Deck?

PVC decks don’t contain any organic materials meaning that they are less susceptible to moisture, mildew, mold, and inclement weather. You can enjoy a PVC deck staying beautiful and pristine for decades. You also don’t have to stress over the sun turning your PVC into a completely different shade. Yes, many PVC deck options come with UV Ray protection. PVC decks are also insect-resistant, don’t take long to install, and have a lifetime warranty. 

But Aren’t the Designs Limited?

No. Although PVC decking doesn’t contain natural wood, it can replicate it. The unique grains that wood offers are something that you won’t have to jeopardize. PVC comes in so many styles, textures, and colors. From teak to mahogany or anywhere in between, you can have the deck of your dreams. 

PVC Decking is Also Environmentally-Friendly

It may seem ironic that a material that isn’t natural is Eco-friendly. Wood fences tend to need special chemicals so that they won’t rot as quickly. PVC decking doesn’t need these chemicals because it’s super durable and contains synthetic materials. While wood, in general, is good for the environment, the need to pressure-treat it makes it slightly less environmentally friendly. 

When you’re trying to choose the perfect deck, Freedom Fence doesn’t offer options that aren’t high-quality. The final selection all boils down to what your budget is, how you feel about deck maintenance and durability, and which deck style, color, and design will best complement your home’s architecture. If you now have PVC decking on your to-do list, give us a call. 

For All Your Beautiful PVC Decking Needs in Baltimore County

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