How to Choose a Fence Material


Your fence’s material can make all the difference. These tips can help you choose the best.

If you are in the market for a new fence, you will likely be considering what fence material to choose. If you are installing a new fence, you have plenty of options. It’s a chance to go with something new, creative, and beneficial to your property. If you aren’t sure where to start, you have come to the right place. You can choose a fence material by looking at these four criteria.


The cost of your fence is likely one of your top concerns. There are two ways you can manage the cost of your fence. The first is to use the most affordable fence material, pressure-treated pine. Other materials, such as cedar, composite, vinyl, and aluminum, are typically pricier. If you do go this route, you can expect to pay lower upfront but pay for more maintenance as the fence ages. On the other hand, you can pay more upfront for a composite, vinyl, or aluminum fence and pay very little for maintenance. 


What exactly does fence maintenance entail? Aside from the cost, a fence’s maintenance needs will also affect how much time and energy you spend on your fence over the years. If you prefer a wood fence, you can expect to seal it every few years. You might also need to make small repairs, keep it from leaning when it gets very old, or replace parts.

Non-wood fences need washing at most. The worst that could happen is damage by force, which could require the replacement of a part. Otherwise, pressure-washing the fence is enough. 


It is also possible that you will choose a fence material based on how it looks. The fence should look good with your home’s architecture. If you like the look of wood, you can use natural wood or composite that looks like natural wood. Composite or vinyl can match elements of the home, and aluminum can blend in nicely with the background.


Aside from aluminum, fence materials can conform to whatever fence style you need. They can create privacy, picket, post-and-rail, and other fence types. If you prefer a fence that offers more security, an aluminum, composite, or vinyl fence in an appropriate style would be fitting. Even so, wood fences also provide excellent border security.

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