How to Make a Deck Not Slippery

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Keep your deck safe and slip-free with these many tips!

A slippery deck is a common sight, which is why it is one of the top deck-related questions on the Internet. If you are struggling to keep your backyard deck dry in Maryland, you are not alone. Thankfully, there are a ton of ways to eliminate this problem. Here are the top ways to make a deck not slippery.

What Makes a Deck Slippery?

You can best find a solution when you know the cause of the problem. A deck will usually become slippery if it is made of wood or composite decking, which contains wood fibers. Moisture from leaves, fungus, and other debris can foster moisture within the deck grooves, creating a slippery, wet film. Improper drainage can also cause water to pool.

How to Make a Deck Not Slippery

Check the Structure

First, check your deck’s drainage system. If the gaps between each deck board are closed, take a putty knife or similar object to wedge them open just enough to let water pass through them. Otherwise, rain and snow will sit on the deck and make it slippery.

Seal the Deck

Next, seal the deck every two or three years if you do not already. The sealant will keep moisture and dirt from ingraining in the deck boards and thus damaging them.

Remove Debris

Excess moisture comes from fallen leaves, so be sure to sweep them off the deck diligently. The less time they spend on your deck, the less chance they have to let their moisture and tannins ruin it.

Scrub Off Mold & Mildew

If you do spot mold or mildew growing on your deck, use an effective mold and mildew cleaner and a bristled brush to scrape it off as soon as possible. You can also find cleaning solutions that do not require scrubbing; the chemical reaction does all the work.

Apply Non-Slip Paint

Do you paint your wood deck? Use a paint that is specifically non-slip to do away with your slippery deck problem. You could mix sand into your paint before applying it.

Apply Sand

As mentioned, you can apply sand to your deck paint to add friction. You can also sprinkle it evenly after sealing the deck when the sealant is still wet.

Install Anti-Slip Tape & Mats

Are you still concerned about how to make your deck not slippery? Adding anti-slip tape to deck stairs and an anti-slip mat to your backdoor entrance can help.

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