Creative Custom Fence Ideas

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Make your fence unique with any of these creative custom fence ideas!

At Freedom Fence & Home, you have the freedom to build a fence that suits your home in the Baltimore area. With that freedom, you can design a fence that is more than just any old fence. It can have personalized features that make it a unique work of art. How can you customize a residential fence? Consider these creative custom fence ideas below!

A Painted Fence

If your city or town allows it, you do have the opportunity to color your fence in an eye-catching way. You don’t have to have a brown, gray, white, or black fence. It could be a rusty red, a muted green, a deep blue, or a more unusual color, like pink. If you want to make your fence stand out in the best way possible, consider painting.

Mixed Materials & Styles

You don’t have to have just one fence style and material around your entire property. You can change it up based on your border security needs around your property. For example, one side might need privacy, while another side might benefit from the visibility of the street. Some fences combine materials; for example, you might see a wood fence with an aluminum grid.

Fence Post Caps

You could also customize your fence by adding custom fence post caps. You can find fence post cap solar lights to illuminate your yard in the evening and decorative post caps that feature carvings or silhouettes of animals, plants, and other motifs. Even a simple post cap of a different color and material can make an impact.

Decorate Fence Gates

Fence gates are an opportunity to create a focal point and a work of art. The fence gate ornamentation can be subtle, such as an aluminum gate between two brick fence posts. Otherwise, it could have a different color, a different style, or an artistic picture wrought or nailed on it.

Fence Cut-Outs

A custom fence decoration can be simple, as simple as a cut-out shape in the fence panels or fence gate. Motifs could include a heart, a star, a fish, a sailboat, a crab, or anything you want. 

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