Is Composite Wood Waterproof?

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Are composite decks and fences waterproof? Find out here.

Fences and decks for homes come in a multitude of variations; you can choose between a myriad of fence styles and multiple materials and colors. You can even have a custom fence or deck. One of the top materials is composite. It is one of the top choices for several reasons, but is it right for your property? One question you likely have in determining this is, “Is composite wood waterproof?” No, but let’s not stop there. There’s more to the story about how this material stands up to humidity, rain, and snow.

What Is Composite Wood?

Composite wood is not truly wood; as the name suggests, it is a combination of recycled wood fibers and plastic. The plastic is designed for outdoor purposes, strong enough to withstand wind, UV light, mold, insects, etc. Its color is built into it, and it is moldable to form practically any fence style.

Is Composite Wood Waterproof?

The short answer is no, but composite wood is highly water-resistant. Different manufacturers create slightly different versions, some using waterproof coatings. The wood fibers it contains will cause the fence or deck to slightly expand and contract according to the temperature and humidity level. However, a properly-built deck or fence, using proper board spacing, will keep expansion and contraction from being a problem. Composite fence and deck owners can attest to the material’s ability to stay in great condition no matter the weather, even in coastal regions.

Is a Composite Fence or Deck Right for You?

Composite wood has multiple benefits:

  • Low maintenance needs: It still needs washing and sweeping like any other fence or deck, but it does not require repainting, staining, or replacing parts like wood might.
  • Traction: Composite deck boards have more or less tread to create enough friction to prevent slips and falls, even when it is wet.
  • Technology: The technology of composite wood continues to improve over the years to produce a resilient product.
  • Cost: The cost might be more than wood, but its lower maintenance needs will help even out the costs in the long run.

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