Deck Privacy Ideas: Creating an Outdoor Oasis

sunny deck with chair

Part of what makes a deck comfortable is privacy. Check out these deck privacy ideas!

The backyard can be a place to entertain, to dine, to sit around the campfire, to play games, or to relax. Your Maryland backyard can fulfill many purposes, but all in all, it is that of outdoor living. Could you improve your space with some privacy features? Check out these deck privacy ideas that can help turn your deck into an oasis.

Top Creative Deck Privacy Ideas

Create a Wall

The simplest way to create privacy on your deck is to build a wall. You have countless creative options here. One is to build a wall out of hard materials such as wood, composite, vinyl, or metal. You could install a lattice screen, a panel screen, a makeshift wall, etc.

Use Landscaping

Another way to create a wall is to use landscaping. Evergreens, such as yews, laurels, and boxwoods, are the perfect species for year-round privacy landscaping. Vertical garden walls and hanging plants are other options, plus tall grasses in planters or in the ground beside your deck.

Place Furniture Strategically

High-backed furniture, such as hanging chairs or built-in benches, could provide built-in privacy against the street or your neighbors. They can help create a cozy atmosphere within your deck so you can enjoy some R&R or entertain guests in a pleasant setting.

Install a Walled Pergola

Yet another way to create a privacy wall has to do with hanging your privacy material. The way to create a hanging wall on your deck is to have the framework to do it, and a pergola is a perfect tool. From your pergola, you could hang curtains, privacy panels, tiered planters, or outdoor fabric screens. Closing one wall off entirely is another effective way to add privacy.

Block Out Noise

Deck privacy ideas are usually all about how to block views into your private outdoor living area. However, you could also create privacy by blocking out the sights and sounds from outside. A wall of any kind will help to block noise, but so can a water feature, such as a small fountain. What a way to make your deck into an oasis!

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