What are the Advantages of a Screened Porch Vs. a Deck?

What are the Advantages of a Screened Porch Vs. a Deck?

Should you build a screened porch or keep your deck? Each has advantages.

In the home remodeling realm, one common question is, “Should I invest in a screened porch or a deck?” Both have advantages, adding a lot of value to your home. Screened porches and decks are excellent for aesthetic purposes and make your yard more functional in different ways. It can be challenging to pick between the two for these reasons, which is why we’ll go over the advantages they offer and how one might better serve you. 

Both Screened Porches and Decks Add Space to Your Home

If you love hosting parties but don’t want your guests to feel cramped, screened porches and decks expand your entertaining space. You can also look forward to keeping all the mess from the festivities outside the home for an easy cleanup process. 

You Can Customize Both Decks and Screened Porches

Designing a deck or screened porch is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, and not all outdoor living spaces have to look the same. You can add your unique style to both structures. 

For example, you can add deck lighting, invest in a multi-level deck, or add steps and decorative railing options. Consider that you can also add beautiful outdoor furniture and dining tables to your custom deck. You can also choose a classic wooden or modern PVC deck. 

You can add unique ceiling or roof choices, ceiling fans, and lighting options with a screened porch. You can add outdoor furniture to your screened-in porch, like a deck. Many homeowners also add area rugs to their screened porches to make them cozier. 

Decks are More Cost-Effective

A deck is more affordable than a screened porch because it isn’t a roofed structure. A screened porch must have a roof that complies with and matches your home’s roof aesthetically and quality-wise. You want a section of your roof to look in the right place. 

A screened-in porch is another room where you can add a ceiling fan, recessed lighting, outlets, and cable jacks for a TV or other forms of entertainment. The walls and door of a screened porch also add to the cost. The variance in these costs depends on how simple you want your doors and walls to be. 

You’ll Get More Use Out of a Screened Porch

Screened porches are also known as three-season rooms. You’ll be able to use them until the fall or at least until the weather becomes freezing. However, some homeowners add heaters to screened porches to spend even more time in them. 

However, most people only use their decks in spring or summer or spend time on them during an unexpectedly warm fall or winter day. The initial costs of a screened porch are more expensive. However, there are ways to ensure that screened porches are more cost-effective such as: 

  • Toning down on all the bells and whistles
  • Dialing down on the wattage
  • Choosing a smaller screened porch versus a larger one 

Also, consider that if you ever sell your house, you’ll have a unique selling point. You don’t see a home with a screened porch every day. 

Picking one versus the other essentially boils down to your budget and how you care to use your backyard space. If you’re still having trouble deciding between the two, call us to review your needs and options. 

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