Unusual Deck Railings: Custom Ideas

deck railing vinyl and metal

Custom deck railings can add beauty and practicality to your deck!

Have you ever thought about how you could customize your deck? Perhaps you don’t want to replace your entire deck, or perhaps you practically need a new one. Maybe, your current deck railings are falling apart, and you would like to replace them with something new. Try these unusual deck railings on for size. Instead of viewing all the pictures in the world of unusual deck railings, these custom deck railing ideas could help you define your practical and aesthetic goals.

Using a Different Material

One of the easiest ways to make your deck railing more interesting is to use a different material. The most popular deck materials are wood, composite wood, vinyl, and aluminum. Even if you use the same material as your deck, you could use a different material for the railing within each panel. Another option would simply be to use a different color.

Building in Seating

Built-in seating along your deck railing is another less common sight. Built-in seating is an excellent way to make your deck more comfortable while maintaining a luxurious look. It can also be space-saving. 

Creating a Custom Design

What about getting creative with the deck railing pattern? Your deck railing doesn’t have to be just straight, parallel rails; they could be diagonal or grid-like. The pattern could be geometric or curvy or form pictures. It’s amazing how artistic you can get with a custom design.

Maximizing Visibility

Deck railings are there to protect people from falling off of the deck. They also play a role in visibility. If you want to preserve the scenic view from your deck, you might need deck railings that are as thin but sturdy as possible. Aluminum or cable railing could do the trick!

Adding Privacy

On the flip side, you might want to shield people on the street from seeing you on your deck. In that case, deck railings that add privacy but still have an interesting design would be the way to achieve an unusual deck railing design. For privacy, deck boards could be used for rails.

Deck Railing Bar

Looking to eat and drink outside while overlooking the view? Consider building a bar table into your deck railing. Add a few bar stools, and you have yourself another place for social gatherings.

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