What Is a Sunroom? Is It Worth It?

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What exactly is a sunroom? What makes it unique?

Sunrooms are a specialty feature, a place to enjoy the outdoors without being totally outdoors. It is one way to enjoy the best of both worlds of indoors and outdoors. However, you might have run into different terms like “screened porches” and “three-season rooms” or “four-season rooms.” What is a sunroom, exactly, and is it worth it for your Maryland home?

What Is a Sunroom?

A sunroom is a fully-enclosed room with glass walls and a glass ceiling. It is completely separate from the house to which it is attached via an exterior door. Sunrooms could be either three-season or four-season rooms. 

If it is a three-season room, it does not have any temperature control except for perhaps a ceiling fan. One could make it more summer and winter-friendly by adding a portable AC or heater. 

A four-season sunroom has temperature control, but it would usually be a separate system, such as a mini-split. A family could enjoy this room year-round without having to add portable temperature control appliances.

What to Love about Sunrooms

The best position for a sunroom in Maryland is a south-facing side. The northside receives the least amount of sunlight, and you will get strong sunlight only one part of the day if it is on the east or west sides. The south side gets the most sunlight whether it is summer or winter.

And who doesn’t love a sunny room? Sunlight makes people feel happier and healthier; it also contributes to higher levels of vitamin D, which is important for health. 

Sunrooms are also versatile; it is a bonus room you can turn into a cozy retreat, an entertainment center, an extra dining room, or a hobby room or kids’ playroom. The options are quite open. 

Is a Sunroom Worth It?

If it has been your dream to have a sunroom, then it is certainly worth it. However, be aware that while it will increase your home value, it will also raise your property taxes in Maryland. Consult Freedom Fence & Deck to see how much it might affect your home and what it could cost to build. We are here to help you enjoy a Freedom sunroom in Maryland!

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