Front Yard Fence Ideas


Looking to install a front yard fence? Start here for ideas!

Front yard fences are only standard in certain areas in Maryland; you might see them more often on rural or roadside properties. If a front yard fence appeals to you, you have plenty of reasons to build one and many more design choices. See these front yard fence ideas below and how Freedom Fence & Deck in Baltimore County can help you realize your vision.

Why Install a Front Yard Fence?

As mentioned above, a front yard fence is not suitable for all properties, especially if you have local rules against it. On the other hand, a front yard fence could benefit your property if your yard is along a busy road where people walk, drive, or both for privacy and security. It’s also useful if you live in a rural area and want to protect pets, livestock, a vegetable garden, or young children.

Front Yard Fence Ideas

Classic Picket Fence

There is nothing wrong with the classic white picket fence, especially if you value front yard privacy. Consider how your fence will look in front of your home. Will it suit the style? Your picket fence could be wood, composite, or vinyl, the cheapest option being wood.

Rustic Forms

If you want to have a more rustic fence, the split rail or post-and-rail fences are excellent options and even suitable for penning horses. Although simple, these fence styles succeed in marking boundaries and protecting borders. If you want to keep smaller animals from escaping, you could attach a wire mesh to one side or use a wood fence with metal interior panels.

Private Enclosure

Do you want to create more privacy in your front yard, blocking street views and traffic noises? Fair enough. A privacy fence could do the trick for your front yard. If you want to block off the outside even more, consider including a gate for the front walkway or driveway. 

Stately Stronghold

An aluminum or steel fence does not add privacy, but it is the strongest fence available. Aluminum and steel fences are the new wrought-iron fences of olden days. If security is your priority, it could be for you.

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