Is Aluminum Fencing the Right Choice for My Home?

Consider adding an aluminum fence to your property in 2019!

Consider adding an aluminum fence to your property in 2019!

When you’re looking into a new fence for your home, you may find that the options are a bit overwhelming. Each type of fencing comes with its own set of pros and cons and will be best suited for a different environment. Aluminum, for instance, comes with many positives including being low maintenance and long lasting. To help you understand more about this particular fencing options, we’re sharing four of our favorite features of aluminum fencing.   

Low Maintenance

Perhaps the first aspect that homeowners must note is that aluminum is very easy to care for. It can’t rot like wood, rust like iron, or crack like vinyl; in fact, it can take over 10,000 years to disintegrate. This long-lasting nature is also why most aluminum fences come with a full lifetime warranty. Aluminum fences may need periodic cleaning but often will require no more maintenance than this.  

Cost Effective

Because of its lightweight easy to mold nature aluminum fencing can be very cost effective. As with any fencing type; style, size, and quantity will make a huge difference in the cost of your fencing, but with aluminum, you’ll be starting from a lower point.

Look Great

As far as its aesthetics, aluminum is right up there with every other fencing type. Thanks to its low maintenance nature it will often look better than different fencing types for longer. Additionally, aluminum fencing is rackable meaning they conform to the slope of the land for a more natural, seamless design. With fences that do not have this feature, you may notice that there are gaps along the bottom of the fence like that are unsightly if you have pets.


Compared to many other options aluminum is an excellent option for a security fence. It can be challenging to climb and cannot be easily cut through making it less penetrable. Aluminum fences can also have spear tops on the pickets to discourage any attempts to climb it.

For Your Fencing and Decking Needs All Year Long

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