5 Ways to Keep Your Deck Safe From Winter Weather


Keep your deck safe this winter with these tips.

Even though you may not get much use out of your deck during the winter in Maryland, you still have to be wary of what winter weather can do to it. Just because you are not using your deck, does not mean you can ignore it in the winter. You will want to keep your Maryland deck safe during the winter by following these tips.

Remove snow

In Maryland, you never know when snow might fall from the sky and how much. Snow can very easily ruin your deck, so you will want to make sure it does not get the chance to accumulate and do just that. You will want to make sure you are removing snow from your deck this winter, but you will want to avoid damaging your deck in the process. Do not use any of salt or ice melting products on the Maryland snow that has fallen on your deck. You also want to make sure you are shoveling the snow in the same direction that your boards run.

Keep it clean

Another tip to help maintain your deck during the Maryland winter is to make sure you are keeping it clean. You want to make sure you are not letting your deck get too cluttered during the winter. Any furniture or plants you keep on your deck should be put away and kept off it until spring has arrived in Maryland.

Use a tarp

A tarp can prove to be a very handy tool for your Maryland home’s deck in the winter. Winter snow and rain can cause your deck to warp, which is why you will want to cover it in a tarp. By placing a tarp over your deck, you are adding an extra layer of protection to it for the winter from the harsh Maryland weather.

Scrub your deck off

Debris is bound to fall onto your deck during the winter, especially in Maryland. This is why you should make sure you are always scrubbing it down and keeping it clear of debris. It is crucial that you avoid leaving debris on your deck before it has a chance to rot and deteriorate on your deck.

Add water repellent seal

Winter Maryland weather means your deck is bound to get wet at some point during the season, which is why you should apply a water repellent seal to it. A water repellent seal can help fill in cracks and apply a protective surface layer to whatever kind of moisture the Maryland winter tries to throw at your deck. As a result, you will not have to worry about any major damage this winter to your deck.

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