How to Protect Your Fence from Winter Weather

Winter Weather Fence

Protect your fence from winter weather with these tips!

Winter weather can be hard on many aspects of your home, but it can be particularly bad for your home fencing. Between the snow, wind, and the dangers of breaks taking the time to protect your fencing can help you save time, money, and hassle. There are several steps you can take to ensure that this winter doesn’t cause any fence damage.

Prevent Breaks

Fences can be prone to a few different types of breaks over the winter season. With ice covered trees and wind storms, if there are trees with losing branches, they may become a threat to both your home and fence. Make sure that overhanging branches and dead trees are removed early or trimmed to prevent any issues. Next, many fences can become difficult to view in the dark or in deep snow. Using reflective markers and tall flags to note where fences are along driveways and roadways can help protect your fence from motorists and well-meaning plows. Lastly, your fence may be under threat due to mischievous children, make sure your kids know not to climb on any fences and ensure that sledding paths don’t overlap with any fences.

Manage Snow

Often, piles of snow can be pushed against fences and cause pressure to be put on the bases and lower rungs. When possible, make sure that snow is not piled against the fence, you may need to move it if the snow is substantial. If there is a lot of ice, you may want to remove it with a broom to prevent it from affecting wood and metal fencing. If you do choose to remove ice and snow, make sure not to use a metal-tipped shovel or implement as this may cause scratches and remove paint.

Keep Up With Maintenance

One of the best ways to ensure that your fence is safe from winter weather is to ensure that you’re following proper maintenance. While this can vary depending on the type and material of your fencing, it’s best to do a thorough check for any breaks, cracks, or weak points and to fix these early to prevent further damage. If you have wood and metal fences, you may also want to watch how much de-icer you are using nearby as this can cause corrosion and long term damage.

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