Important Deck Resurfacing Considerations

Deck Resurfacing

Keep these factors in mind when resurfacing your deck.

Usually this time of year, you wouldn’t be thinking much about your deck, since you wouldn’t be spending much time out there. Perhaps you’d think about the quality of the deck surface in passing while shoveling the snow off or sprinkling ice melt. But this year, we have had some unseasonably warm, and actually truly beautiful days, so your deck might be getting more attention than usual. Perhaps you’re even noticing how old, worn, and dingy your deck surface is getting. If you’re considering deck resurfacing this spring, here are some things to consider before you do it.

Joist Spacing

If your deck is old, the spacing of the existing joists may not fit the current decking materials available. If you’re planning on decking with hardwood or two-by lumber, what you already have is probably fine. For anything else, you’ll likely need 16” on center joist spacing. If you’re considering a trend like decking in a diagonal pattern, however, you’ll need 12” on center joist spacing.

Flashing Tape

Before you place the new deck materials, you should plan to install flashing tape along the tops of all joists and beams. This will keep moisture out of the old screw holes and from going in between sistered framework. While you’re applying the flashing tape, this will be a good time to thoroughly inspect all of the framework. If any of the beams don’t look like they will stand up to another 25 years, you need to replace them.


Take some time to research and choose the correct fasteners. You first need to decide if you want hidden fasteners or if you don’t mind that they’re visible. If you opt for a hidden fastener, make sure that it is compatible with your intended brand of decking. Also, make sure that you read all of the details – some hidden fasteners are designed so that you have to remove many planks of decking to get out a broken one, so keep this in mind as you decide. If you don’t need or want hidden fasteners, your options are wider. If you’re doing wood decking, stainless steel is the best bet – you don’t want the fasteners to give out before the wood does. If you’re going with manufactured decking, choose one that is recommended by the manufacturer and plan to use the number of fasteners directed (otherwise you likely void your deck warranty)

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