Keep Your Wood Fence Looking New

Keep Your Wood Fence Looking New

Get the inside scoop on how to keep your wood fence looking fantastic!

Wood is a highly popular fence material, affordable, natural, and long-lasting. Wood fences are beautiful, but they can quickly become old and worn. Ultraviolet light, rain, humidity, and extreme temperatures make the wood gray and weathered. Some people like the look of a gray fence, but if you prefer a fresh-looking fence, here’s how to keep your wood fence looking new.

Know Your Wood

The first step is actually to know the type of wood your fence is made from. Different wood species may require slightly different care. For example, you may see maintenance differences for pressure-treated wood vs. softwoods like cedar and cypress vs. hardwoods like mahogany and tigerwood. Oil of different kinds can be an excellent way to keep your wood fence looking new.

Clean Routinely

Aside from harsh weather, dirt can also make your wood fence age quicker. Before you know it, your wood fence can become dark with dirt. Pressure-washing your fence with clean water can help strip down that layer of dirt. Be careful of what pressure you use for your fence, as high pressure that’s too high can damage the wood.

Fill in Cracks

You don’t have to live with cracks in your wood fence! The first step is to clean the wood crack so that no mold or mildew will develop. The next step is to follow the instructions on a given wood crack filler product, an epoxy, and fill those cracks. Your wood fence will become seamless and remain strong.

Stain Correctly

Staining the fence is a way to preserve its color. One can stain the fence in countless shades and colors, and wood fence stains also typically have a sealant in it to protect the wood from the elements. Wood fence stains can be transparent, translucent, or solid; the more solid the stain, the less ultraviolet light will be able to weather the wood.

Wax the Wood

On top of that, you can also use a wax product, which is a type of sealant. Like stains, one can choose between transparent, tinted, or solid waxes. Keeping the fence waterproof will also keep your wood fence looking new.

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