Tips to Prepare Your Deck for Fall

Tips to Prepare Your Deck for Fall

Care for your Maryland deck before fall approaches with these tips!

Even if you are still experiencing the heat of summer, it is not too early to think about how to prepare your deck for fall. Fall is an excellent season to care for your deck, but one can also get a head start to enjoy or preserve your deck during the cooler months. These tips to prepare your deck for fall are sure to make this outdoor living space one of your favorites.

Inspect the Deck

The first step is to inspect your deck for structural and superficial soundness. Check for signs of damage of any kind; if your deck has any rotting spots, the deck material will be soft and penetrable by a screwdriver. Mold and mildew are also possible signs of a lack of structural integrity. Repair your deck as needed, and do not let anyone walk onto an unsound deck.

Clean the Deck

If your Maryland backyard deck is in good condition, you can proceed to clean it. The method you use to clean it may depend on your deck’s material; for example, a pressure washer might be too powerful for a wood deck but perfect for a composite or vinyl one. 

Sealcoat If Needed

Do you have a wood deck? Has it been a few years since you stained it? Using a stain with a sealcoating agent will protect the deck against moisture. It will protect the deck against mold, mildew, and rot. If the stain is solid, it will also keep ultraviolet light from penetrating the wood.

Trim the Trees

Although not directly related to the deck, trimming back overhead tree branches will help you maintain your deck. You will likely have fewer fall leaves to deal with, and thus no leaf stains on the deck. Fall leaves can also cause mold to grow on the deck if left there.

Decide Its Purpose

Your deck is in its best possible condition now, but what next? Will you use your deck during the fall and winter? It is at this point that you can decide to dress it up for fall or think how to preserve it while not in use.

Tarp or No Tarp?

Putting a tarp over your deck could make it unusable, but it could also be a great way to catch and dispose of fall leaves that happen to land there. Otherwise, it is an excellent way to preserve your deck from rain, snow, wind, and animals.

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