What Is Deck Resurfacing?

What Is Deck Resurfacing?

What is deck resurfacing and how can it help your deck?

If your deck is in dire need of some tender love and care, it might be that it could benefit from resurfacing to bring it back to life. In fact, many homeowners struggle with making sure their deck is in tip-top shape throughout the year. As the seasons change, it is less likely for homeowners to properly maintain their decks effectively and efficiently in the colder months. Ultimately, as we emerge from the cold winter and approach the warmer months ahead, homeowners might be interested in finding the best solutions to their deck resurfacing needs. Here is a helpful guide to help homeowners determine whether deck resurfacing might be the best solution for all their decking needs to get them through the warmer months while being able to enjoy their deck for the entire season.

Understanding Resurfacing

When it comes to deck resurfacing, there is no denying that knowing how resurfacing works compared to refinishing will make all the difference. Resurfacing involves the complete teardown of your deck. Having a professional come out and examine the current state of your deck will be the best way to know whether you could really stand to benefit from deck resurfacing. Overall, decks shouldn’t necessarily be experiencing any decaying or rotting floorboards. Ultimately, if your deck has cracking or splintering wood, then it might be time to have the deck resurfaced. Additionally, if the deck boards are warped, it could signal that resurfacing might be the best solution. Other things to look out for include loose screws or nails, minor termite damage, and overall structural damage.

Understanding Refinishing

As opposed to resurfacing, deck refinishing is slightly different. Refinishing will typically bring your deck back to life, but the key difference here is that your deck surface is usually cleaned thoroughly instead of being torn down. If you have a smaller deck, many will often find it beneficial to have their decks thoroughly scrubbed to bring the deck back to its original luster. After the deep washing, a stain is traditionally applied that transforms your deck for the better.

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