Quintessential Picket Fence Ideas

Quintessential Picket Fence Ideas

Dreaming of a picket fence? These ideas can get you started.

The picket fence has become an American classic. Through a pre-revolutionary history and Hollywood ideals, the picket fence has a cultural charm and appeal. If you are considering a picket fence for your home, you have many choices available. These quintessential picket fence ideas can help get you started.

Perfect for Semi-Privacy

The picket fence must be right for your home’s privacy and security needs before you decide to get one. If you are satisfied with a fence that provides decent security but not total privacy, the picket fence will serve beautifully. This semi-privacy fence comes in varying heights and still allows the sunlight and view to come through.

Front, Back, or All Around

The pictures of picket fences you see often show the fence bordering the front of the property. If you live near a busy sidewalk, a front yard fence could be for you. On the other hand, many neighborhoods in Maryland only fence their backyards. Whether you fence in the front, back, or all around your yard, the picket fence will show people where boundaries lie.

A Style for Everyone

There truly is a picket fence style for everyone. The picket fence can work well with any house style, from craftsman to coastal to contemporary. The fence post caps can take on many sculptural shapes to suit any home, while each fence picket and panel can also take on different shapes and lines. Talk with your local fence contractor and visit the Freedom Fence gallery for ideas!

Ornamental Gate

No picket fence ideas are complete without considering the gate. The fence gate is ornamental in itself, and one can devise countless picket fence gate designs that suit your house and fence. They can be the same or different material from the fence; Freedom Fence builds picket fences in vinyl, composite, and wood.

Pair with Plants, Lights, Etc.

Picket fences are beautiful by themselves, but there are ways to make them even more appealing. If you need exterior lighting, you could install solar fence post caps on your fence. Perennials and shrubs add to the beauty with fresh and living colors throughout the year.

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