Discover Deck Inspection Tips in Catonsville

Here are some deck inspection tips that will make your Catonsville home safer.

Are you a Catonsville resident that’s looking for a company to replace or install your deck? Then, look no further. Freedom Fence is an expert deck installation company, and we have affordable deals! Sometimes homeowners have to choose between replacing their entire deck or redecking their deck boards. Choosing between these options means that deck inspection is necessary. We suggest that you inspect your deck often to ensure that it’s completely functional and not dangerous. Here are some deck inspection tips that will make your Catonsville home safer.

Check the Wood

Wood is an Eco-friendly material, but because of its makeup, it can be prone to rotting or warping, unless chemically treated and stained. Inspect the wood by examining the ledger boards, support posts, and joists connected to the deck, the floorboards, railings, and stairs. Look for any small holes in the wood or sawdust. Examine any areas that may have water damage or come into contact with fasteners. If you notice that the wood is spongy or soggy, there is a chance that your wooden deck is decaying. 

Check the Flashing

All decking experts agree that the proper installation of ledger boards is critical. Flashing helps with moisture prevention and inhibits debris from collecting between the house and the ledger board. The flashing should be behind the siding and on top of the ledger board. It should also run the entire length of the ledger board and be free from any nail and screw holes. If you notice any water buildup anywhere, you should add flashing or replace it altogether.

Inspect Fasteners

If you have a wooden deck, check for any nails that may have popped, pound them down, and replace them. Rusted or corroded fasteners need replacement because this kind of corrosion often deteriorates surrounding wood. 

Examine Your Deck Rails

Deck railing is a style component, but it’s also a safety component as well. A lot of injuries occur from rail failure, which could result in the entire deck collapsing. Make sure that your rails comply with local building codes if we did not install ourselves. 

If you don’t want to invest in deck inspection yourself, then you can count on us to inspect your deck for you and replace it. 

For Your Deck Installation Needs in Catonsville

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