Discover Signs of a Dangerous Deck in Catonsville

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Even high-quality decks show signs of wear and tear over time. Decks become exposed to the elements and can take quite a beating, especially if you don’t maintain their upkeep. Owning a beautiful, sturdy deck adds value to your Catonsville home. Also, safety matters. Therefore, you don’t want to neglect what could be a less-than-safe deck. Here are the signs that your deck is dangerous.

Fasteners and Connectors That Have Rusted 

Take a good look under your deck to see if the fasteners and connectors seem safe. Nails, bolts, screws, and hangers are sturdy due to their galvanized steel makeup. Because galvanized steel is durable, the material efficiently holds a deck together. However, you still need to inspect these areas with a detailed eye. Even high-quality galvanized steel rusts. If you notice rust or some pieces look loose, then give us a call. 

Bugs Have Caused Your Deck to Deteriorate 

Decks have come a long way since before the 1980s. Initially, they weren’t lumber-treated like today’s decks. Bugs dislike the chemicals used to lumber treat a deck. Therefore, if your deck is older than 40 years old, you should be concerned. You probably need a new deck or at least need your boards should need redecking. 


If you find that carpenter ants or termites found their way into your decking structure, then you should pay attention to this. Even with a structurally sound foundation, bugs can cause a deck to pull away from the house. To test this, walk out on your deck. If you notice any movement or shifting, call us.

If Mildew Has Accumulated

If you notice that your decking has a green tint to it, then you can clean it with a bleach-and-water solution. However, if you see mold or mildew, then this is a more severe issue. The fungus helps decking to deteriorate quickly. Your steps also become a safety hazard because areas where mold accumulates tend to be slick.

Large Cracks or Decomposing Wood

Wooden decks are charming. There are many pros to choosing this material. It’s natural for wooden decks to show some wear and tear over time, however, if your wooden deck has large cracks in it or the wood is rotting, then you need to call a professional decking company like us. Attending to your decking and knowing when it’s time for replacement will do wonders for your Catonsville home. 

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