Avoid These Patio Design Mistakes in Ellicott City


Enhance your Catonsville home with a paver patio

Ellicott City is quaint and quite an exceptional place to live. Ellicott City has a rustic charm to it that’s undeniable. Why not add to the appeal of your Ellicott City home by adding a patio to it? Patio design enhances a home in several ways. Patios are a focal point that can bring your outdoor living space to life. However, if you’re not cautious about how you implement patio design, this can serve as an injustice to the exterior of your home. Here are some patio design mistakes to avoid in your Ellicott City home.

Simple, Golden Rules to Follow

Patio design comes with unique nuances because there are no walls or structures to divide the space. Interior versus exterior design is more straightforward because each area has a purpose. A bathroom has specific elements versus a kitchen versus a dining room. Patio design offers more flexibility, so here are four golden rules to keep in mind.

  1. Patios need a focal point and points of interest
  2. If you have no idea how to style your patio, use your home’s architectural design as a basis
  3. You can always use trees and shrubs to help define a patio along with hardscape features
  4. Separating your outdoor living space into zones or sections will help your patio design to look purposeful and structured

Now here are some mistakes that we suggest you avoid:

Neglecting Exterior Elements

You have to remember that you’re designing for a room that’s outdoors and not indoors. You never want it to appear as if you took a living room sofa from your home and pushed it outdoors. Also, adding fake plants to a patio detracts from natural aesthetics. Look for furniture and other elements to effortlessly transition between the interior and exterior of your home.

Not Understanding the Significance of Size Proportions

If you have ample outdoor living space, you want your outdoor furniture and other exterior elements to fill in space proportionately. You never want your outdoor living space looking too bare. You can avoid this mistake by taking measurements and knowing the dimensions of your outdoor living space well. You should also consider how you need to place your outdoor furniture so that there isn’t any overcrowding.

Picking Out a Poor Color Scheme Choice

It’s never a bad idea to design a neutrally-colored patio that has a pop of color or two. Whatever the color selection may be, make sure that the colors blend well together. An unappealing color scheme can take away from the beauty of an otherwise well-designed patio. 

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