Discover How to Keep Outdoor Furniture Stable in Baltimore


Keep furniture at bay and don’t let the wind blow it away!

Decks and patios are a staple for upgrading a Baltimore home or any home for that matter. Decks and patios serve as places where you can entertain guests, cookout on the grill, and enjoy the warm weather. Unless you have a sunroom or three-season room, then your outdoor furniture probably isn’t getting much use during the colder seasons. Outdoor furniture can fall victim to harsh weather. This week, there have been news reports of inclement weather affecting the entire country. Strong winds have hit Maryland specifically. When severe winds come your way, don’t let your outdoor furniture blow away. Discover how to keep outdoor furniture stable in your Baltimore home. 

Buy Heavy Furniture

The heavier, the better. Lightweight outdoor furniture is sure to fall all over your deck or patio. When the furniture has a lot of weight built into its design, then harsh, strong winds are no match for them. Wood, wrought iron, steel, and aluminum are all sturdy, durable options.

Surround Your Deck or Patio With Trees

A windbreak involves planting trees around your deck or patio. Some wind will probably get through the trees, but it will lose some of its force. Not only will a windbreak keep a deck or patio secure, but it will its visually pleasing as well. 

Weighted Umbrella Bases are Worth It

An umbrella is highly susceptible to blowing away in the wind. A weighted base has the purpose of securing the umbrella rod and keeping it from blowing in the wind. Because weighted umbrella bases typically consist of sand or water, it adds a weight that will secure your umbrella. There are always ways to anchor the umbrella base to the table as well, depending on the design. 

Stack Lightweight Chairs Together

Lightweight outdoor furniture is appealing. It takes less strain on the body to lift it. As the seasons change, you may even find it necessary to bring some of the furniture indoors. However, lightweight furniture rarely withstands severe winds. Therefore, to add weight to your chairs, and to keep them sturdy, we suggest that you stack them together. 

Did You Know That Earthquake Gel Exists? 

Originally, the purpose of earthquake gel was to keep glass intact with furniture and keep it from sliding. Now, you can use it to secure the legs of your outdoor furniture. Once applied to legs, moving the furniture becomes challenging. You can also remove the gel compound if you need to lift your furniture.

Don’t have a deck or a patio in your Baltimore home? Then, give us a call. It’s time that you beautify your home and consult the experts. 

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