When to Replace the Deck Boards in Your Columbia, MD Home

Replacing deck boards can extend the lifespan of your deck

The first official day of winter is approaching, and the temperature continues to drop here in Columbia, Maryland. The deck might be the last thing on your mind as you prepare the home for holiday guests, but it’s essential to assess your outdoor structures for repairs. Your decking is an investment in your home and property, and maintaining it can ensure that it lasts throughout the years. Learn more about deck board replacement, and discover if it’s time to start planning repairs to your Maryland deck. 

Know the Signs 

If you installed your new deck this past summer, you might not need to worry about repairs. However, if your deck is on the older side, it’s more likely to need repairs and maintenance. Stay on the safe side and have your deck professionally inspected annually. You can also examine the deck yourself and search for the following problems: 

  • If you discover that some of the wood is soft, this could be an indication that it is rotting. You may be able to apply a wood preservative to stop the rotting if you catch the problem early enough. 
  • Boards can appear warped or curved if they are prone to extreme water damage. Boards that are bent or curved could indicate that the board is no longer structurally sound. 
  • Splintered and cracked boards might not seem like a big problem, but they could become dangerous if left unattended. Replace split or cracked boards before they turn into something worse.

Deck Alterations

Are you planning to add a hot tub or focal feature to your Columbia, Maryland deck? If you choose to make alterations to your deck this spring, you may need to replace the deck boards to accommodate the new addition. Not only will a deck board replacement help to ensure that your deck is structurally sound, but it will also provide a uniform look. 

Turn to Capped Polymer Decking  

Your deck doesn’t have to show any noticeable signs of wear to necessitate maintenance. Homeowners can tremendously extend the life of their deck by replacing the current wood boards with resilient products such as capped polymer decking boards! If you’re interested to learn more about other resistant options, talk to the professionals at Freedom Fence & Deck. 

For All Your Outdoor Living Space Needs in Columbia

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