Reasons to Invest in A Screened Enclosure for Your Catonsville Home

Even if you know what a screened enclosure is, you may not be fully aware of all its advantages.

Do you live in the Catonsville area? Well, you’re in luck because Freedom Fence is only a 30-minute drive away. We’ll be there in a jiffy to enhance your outdoor living space! We specialize in screened enclosures. Even if you know what a screened enclosure is, you may not be fully aware of all its advantages. We’re here to share four of them with you today and give you signs that you should add a screened enclosure to your Catonsville home. Keep reading!

1) You Want Your Home to be More Relaxing

If you need a special place to unwind, but the inside of your home has a lot going on (especially with young children present), then a screened enclosure can give you a peaceful place that you can call your own. Do you love the outdoors? Adding this to fantastic enhancement to your home can help you become one with nature. Patios and decks are an excellent investment as well, but with a screened enclosure, you can keep the bugs and sun out as you relax.

2) If Bugs Bother You

Insects are troublesome, especially when you’re trying to enjoy food from the grill. Also, mosquitoes nipping away at people will automatically make them want to retreat indoors. If pests have been stopping you from enjoying the outdoors as much as you like, then become one with nature again and give us a call to add this bug-free zone to your home.

3) If You Have a Pool

There are many reasons to add a screened enclosure to your pool area. For one, it helps to beautify your pool and provides an extra added sense of security and privacy. Two, pests won’t bother you as you swim. Three, it helps to keep your pool cleaner because unwanted debris won’t blow in.

4) Security

For the same reason that people invest in fences, they add screened enclosures to their home. If you want to feel safe while walking through the interior and exterior of your home, then this is one of many ways to do so. If you want protection and don’t currently feel safe in your backyard, then this is one of the best investments you can. Not only is it a trendy selection because of aesthetics, but it has plenty of practical applications.

For All Your Screened Enclosure Needs in Catonsville

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