Does My Deck Need A Railing?

When determining if your deck needs a railing or not, first and foremost you should check the building codes in your area. Most codes state that if the deck is 30 or more inches off the ground, it requires a railing at least 36 inches tall. These railings also require rods that must be less than 4 inches apart. While these are the legal standards for deck railings, you should also consider your own safety standards.

Do you have small children, or old relatives? The rods beneath the railing that must be less than 4 inches apart are important to have when small children are around. With small space between these rods, children are less likely to slide between them and become injured. Railings are also good for stability. Maybe grandpa isn’t walking as well as he used to, and needs something to hold on to. This would be something to consider when determining if your deck needs a railing.

The railing also acts as a barrier between the deck and the yard. This is a good idea so that someone can see where he or she is walking, and doesn’t accidently misstep off the deck. More than anything, railings act as a great safety measure. However, they can also be pleasing to the eye. A railing around the perimeter of your deck helps to make the deck look uniform.

These are all thoughts to consider when questioning if your deck needs a railing. If you are still wondering, or have any other questions regarding deck construction, Freedom Fence & Home would love to help. Give us a call at 443-271-6841 or visit our website.

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