A Guide To Home Fencing Options

Learn how to choose fencing for your home.

It is officially 2018, so it is the perfect time think about renovating and adding features to your home.  If you start planning home improvements right now, you will most likely have them installed in the spring or summer for your whole family to enjoy.  Fencing is a landscaping feature you should consider adding to your home because it adds privacy and a sense of security to your property as well as aesthetic appeal.  Luckily, there a few guidelines to follow when choosing residential fencing.

Know Your Goals

When planning your home fencing, you should know exactly why you want it for your family.  Do you want it for security reasons, or just for privacy to have some peace and quiet?  Maybe you want a fence to enhance the look and feel of your entire landscape?  Your reasons for installing a fence will influence the look and material of the entire structure.  If you want a fence for privacy purposes, then the boards will be constructed tightly together in a vertical position.  You should have a fence to be taller than six feet if you want to provide security and privacy to your home.


One of the most common material homeowners choose for fencing is wood because it has a traditional look and it’s durable.  Wood fencing gives any property a clean, traditional and will enhance a landscape immediately.  Once you install wooden fencing, it is critical that you paint and stain it a few times a year so that it will last for many years to come.

Vinyl Fencing

If you want the look of wood fencing without the constant maintenance, then you should invest in vinyl fencing for your home.  Vinyl fencing is high durable and requires little care for iti to be in pristine condition all year around.  The fencing material withstands all of the elements including snow and hail, so it is the perfect option to install for the winter.

For Your Fencing and Decking Needs All Year Long

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