3 Tips To Protect Your Wooden Fence From Winter Weather


Learn how to protect your fence from winter weather.

Winter is a few weeks away meaning that severe winter weather has the potential to hit your home shortly.  It is critical that you prepare your property, so a snow storm or hail doesn’t damage any of your landscaping features such as your wooden fence.  The last thing you want is your wooden fencing rotting or cracking throughout the winter without your knowledge leaving you with costly repairs.  Luckily, there are a few simple ways to protect your fence from winter weather so that your family can enjoy it all year long.

Clean and Stain

During the winter, it is critical that you protect your wooden fence from moisture build-up and any related damages.  The moisture from snow can cause your wooden fence to rot and form mold if you do not stain it properly.  You should clean your fence, and the spaces in between the posts then apply a coat of protective oil-based stain product on your fence.  Make sure to apply a protective finish on your fence at least once a year before winter officially arrives.  

Cut Branches

One of the most crucial winter maintenance activities you should complete is to trim and cut your branches especially the ones that are hanging directly over your wooden fence.  Snow can build-up on tree branches and limbs causing them to crack and break off on to your wooden fence.  The last thing you want is to repair or even replace your whole wooden fence because you didn’t trim your tree branches.  Keep an eye on your tree branches throughout the winter months.  

Prevent Shifting Soil

Throughout the winter, your soil can shift from frost thawing causing your fence posts to shift in return.  Your fence posts should be at least three feet under the ground to ensure it is past the frost line.  You should check before winter arrives if the posts are deep enough and make sure your fence is stable.  Make sure to keep the cement footings of your fence clean and free of debris prevent moisture build-up and corrosion.  

For Your Fencing and Decking Needs All Year Long

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