3 Signs That Tell It Is Time For A New Deck

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Learn the signs that tell when it is time for a new deck.

Since the official start to winter is less than a week away, you should start inspecting various features around your home if you haven’t done so already.  Don’t forget about your deck because it will be feeling the abuse of the elements throughout the winter.  It is critical that you inspect your deck during this time of the year so you can know if you need to replace it by the time spring and summer roll around,  Luckily, there a few simple ways to tell when it is time replace your current deck for an upgraded version.  

Start With The Material

When assessing your deck for potential damage, it is important to be familiar with the specific material.  Different deck materials will show different types of damage, so you have to know what you are looking for.  If you have a wooden deck, you should be looking for insect damage and warped wood.  Fading is usually the main issue when it comes to vinyl and composite decks.  Homeowners are more likely to repair or replace wooden decks compared to vinyl or composite.

Check The Posts

When inspecting your deck for potential damage, it is critical that you start with the posts which support the whole structure.  Check the posts for any water damage that can end up rotting your entire deck.  You should dig up the dirt around each post and if there is damage to several of the posts, it likely that you will have to replace the entire deck.  Posts are a supporting structure, so if there are any critical issues in those areas, then it is a safety concern.  

Check The Ledger Board

Another vital part of your deck is the ledger board, which is the framing material that attaches your deck to your home.  Check your ledger for any rot or damage and see if it is severe enough for replacement.  If the ledger board is pulling away from your home, then it is clear sign that your deck is in need of replacing.  Damaged or improperly installed ledgers lead to collapsed decks.  

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