How Much Does a Wood Deck Cost in 2023?

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One of the most important questions you can ask about a deck project is, “What’s the cost?”

Building a wood deck is an investment and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, it’s going to be a part of your home for the foreseeable future. You may also be wondering, “How much does a wood deck cost in 2023?” We’ve got all the answers for you!

While the average cost is around $7,000, homeowners can expect to pay between $4,000 to $10,000 for the average wood deck. Still asking yourself, “How much does a wood deck cost in 2023?” Let’s break those costs down even more.

Type of Wood

The type of material you choose for your wood deck can change the cost quite a bit. You’re likely going to spend $2-$19 per square foot for your materials, and something like a pine budget is going to save you money. On the other hand, redwood or ipe are going to run you a bit more. Cedar is a nice middle ground for a wood deck that is nicer than pine but won’t run you too much. A pine deck also won’t last as long as other options; you can expect to get 10 or 15 years from pine, whereas ipe might give you up to 50 years.

Design and Style

By opting for a simple deck design, you can expect to save money. However, there are several styles to consider. If you want a wrap-around deck that is attached to your home, which can help you get a better view of the scenery, you will likely spend a little more (usually between $5,200 and $17,000). More curves, intricate designs, and built-in seating are all additional features that can raise the cost of your deck.

If you want to play with the structure of your deck, that can alter the price too. Raising a foundation to deal with uneven terrain or flood zones will greatly increase the cost. A floating deck isn’t the most practical option—they’re great for parties, but they require a lot of maintenance—and they can also be expensive, with an average cost of somewhere between $6,000 and $24,000. Consider a multi-level deck if you know you’re really going to be using the space; you can have room for people to mingle and a different level for running the grill. Just know that a multi-level deck usually costs $35 to $75 per square foot.

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