The Many Benefits of Ipe Decking

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Ipe is a Brazilian hardwood that can’t be beat. Is it the right choice for your deck?

Freedom Fence & Deck offers multiple attractive wood deck materials to Maryland customers, including pressure-treated pine, cedar, and Ipe hardwood. Ipe is a Brazilian hardwood, one of the strongest woods available for decking. What is there to love about Ipe wood? Plenty! Let’s explore the many benefits of Ipe decking.

The Benefits of Ipe Decking

Resilient against Insects

Maryland has various terrains, but one of the worst aspects of its geography is its termites. You won’t have to worry about that with Ipe decking. Ipe is resistant to rot and insect damage. Imagine having a wood deck that is impenetrable to those devastating termites!

Lasts for Decades

Wood structures, such as buildings and outdoor features, can last for many decades with proper care. However, you have a better guarantee that your wood deck will last when you use Ipe hardwood. You can expect this wood to last up to 75 years, which is practically a lifetime.

One of the Strongest Woods Around

As mentioned, Ipe is an incredibly strong wood, meaning it is highly durable against any form of damage. This wonderful feature actually can be a detriment only in that it is difficult to cut and drill through it, which is why it comes pre-drilled. Even so, it will last a long time.


Wood decks can become slippery when it rains, but even when it is wet, an Ipe deck will still retain a slip-resistant quality. It is amazing what Ipe can do.

Little Movement

Along with its durability is its small movement regarding expansion and contraction due to changing temperatures and humidity levels. The less movement your deck undergoes, the stabler it is and the less prone it will be to cracking, warping, etc.

Beautiful Color

Ipe comes in a beautiful, deep reddish-brown color. If left alone, it will turn into a silvery gray. Otherwise, a UV coating will preserve its fresh color.

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