Tips for Picking a Pool Fence

Tips for Picking a Pool Fence

Installing a new pool or pool fence? Protect your border with these tips!

March is upon us—yet it feels like we just rang in the new year. And even though spring hasn’t officially sprung, it’s a safe bet that when summer arrives, we’ll all be wondering where the time went. With this in mind, it’s essential to start planning (far!) ahead for when you do eventually open up your backyard pool. With so many options available, choosing the right fence for your swimming pool can be a bit overwhelming. Read along for some tips to help make picking a pool fence easy and worry-free.

Compare Materials

When choosing the right pool fence, you will want to consider the different materials available. While some homeowners choose chain-link fences for their swimming pools, others prefer materials with more style. A wood pool fence, for instance, can be incorporated into the overall landscaping design of your pool deck.

Another material to consider is metal. Aluminum and chain-link fences are popular choices due to their outstanding durability. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and won’t rust even when exposed to pool water.

Pinpoint the Proper Height

One of the main purposes of a pool fence is to prevent children and pets from entering the pool area unsupervised. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine the correct height for your fencing installation. The standard height for a pool fence is around 54 inches, but you may want to consider a taller fence for added safety measures.

A fence that is too short may allow unsupervised children to climb into the pool area, making it absolutely essential to choose a fence that is high enough to prevent any accident. (A pool fence contractor can advise you on the right height for your fence and ensure that it meets your state’s pool fence laws and regulations.)

Think Long-Term: Durability and Maintenance Considerations

Installing a pool fence is a rather significant investment, so you’ll obviously want to build a fence that’ll last for many years. When determining your ideal fence type, it’s imperative to consider durability and maintenance requirements based on your local climate. -You’ll want a fence that can withstand harsh weather conditions and won’t require frequent repairs or maintenance, of course.

Metal fences are known for their durability, and they require little maintenance. On the other hand, wood fences can offer some aesthetic flexibility but may require regular maintenance (such as annual re-painting and staining) to prevent damage from moisture and pests.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing the right pool fence requires careful consideration of various factors. By following the tips provided above, you’re well-equipped to pick a pool fence that enhances both the safety and beauty of your pool area. When it comes to installing a pool fence, though, it’s essential to work closely with a reliable and experienced contractor. They can help you design a stylish and safe pool fence that meets your needs and complies with any local laws and ordinances. With a quality pool fence, you can enjoy your pool safely and with peace of mind.

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