How to Host an Outdoor Thanksgiving

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Set the scene for a great Thanksgiving dinner outdoors with our tips!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, coming up sooner than you think! If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, either for just your own family or along with some great guests, then you have the opportunity to get creative with your Thanksgiving meal. If you have a lovely outdoor dining space, that could be the perfect place to host your traditional dinner. Follow these tips on how to host an awesome outdoor Thanksgiving celebration!

Hosting an Outdoor Thanksgiving

Select a Location

The first step is to select an outdoor location. The choice might be easy if you have one patio, deck, or screened porch. If you have multiple outdoor living areas, then you could choose a spot that is the least windy and has shelter overhead, like a pergola or screened porch roof. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with the open air.

Let Everyone Know It’s Outdoors

Let your guests know ahead of time as early as possible that the Thanksgiving meal will be outdoors so they can know how to dress. 

Keep Food Warm Indoors or Out

There are different ways you could keep your food warm throughout the meal. One is to keep all the dishes in the kitchen. They could sit on the counter, in warming drawers, or both. This option works best if your kitchen is connected to your outdoor dining area.

Another option is to have them be in the outdoor living space with you on the dining table itself or on a buffet table. You can keep them warm with chafers or food-warming trays for parties.

Serve Hot Drinks

Hands and feet can get cold quickly in late November. Serve hot drinks with the meal such as tea or hot apple cider to keep hands and bodies warm. Coffee and hot chocolate work well for after-dinner drinks.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Dining Area

Decorate as festively as you desire. You can dress up your outdoor dining table and area with all the trimmings you would indoors to impress your guests and celebrate the holiday.

Add Warmth and Ambiance

Add at least one heat source, such as an outdoor space heater or a tabletop fire pit. It will make the dinner more comfortable and entertaining.

Be Wise and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Practice good safety tips with electricity and fire during your Thanksgiving celebration, and don’t forget to have a wonderful, relaxing, and delicious time.

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