Hurricane Sandy and Deck Maintenance: Tips from a Baltimore Deck Builder

Hurricane Sandy is on her way to Baltimore. Are you ready? You have gone to the store; stocked up on toilet paper, milk, and eggs; and you have made sure your flashlights are equipped with new batteries. But is your deck ready?

Preparing your Deck for Hurricane Sandy

To help prepare your deck for Hurricane Sandy and avoid damage, there are several steps that you, as a homeowner, can take.

  1. Remove potted plants. Water tends to pool under these areas and can damage your deck.
  2. Remove any debris or furniture that could become airborne. High winds can turn light furniture and debris into projectiles, not only damaging your deck, but also your home.
  3. Repair cracks before the storm. Water can infiltrate cracks and damage floor boards from the inside.
  4. Secure loose nails. If you notice any loose nails, attend to them before the Hurricane. Otherwise, your floorboards may not make it.
  5. Stain your deck. Staining will help protect your deck from moisture.

Deck Maintenance and Repair following Hurricane Sandy

Unfortunately, even the most well-built fence can’t always match the fury of Mother Nature. So it is important to know what to do if your deck is ever damaged in a storm, like Hurricane Sandy.

  1. Assess the Situation: Before approaching your deck, assess the situation. Is the deck stable? If not, do not even attempt to approach it…and definitely do not set foot on it.
  2. Contact your Insurance Agent: Ask what you policy covers and how to go about filing a claim.
  3. Document Everything: Take pictures of the damage and document everything you can.
  4. Contact Freedom Fence & Home: If your insurance agency has approved the repairs, call Freedom Fence & Home! From do-it-yourself materials to custom installation and repairs from our trained staff, homeowners can find everything they need to repair their storm-damaged deck. We proudly serve Baltimore, Harford and surrounding counties.

If you have any questions about Deck Maintenance, please contact Freedom Fence and Home by calling 443-271-6841 or visit our website. And please take a moment to browse our gallery of wood and low maintenance decks.

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