Nicolock Patio Pavers Add Appeal to Harford County Homes and Businesses

Nicolock Patio Pavers Harford CountyFind out how Nicolock patio pavers can transform the way people look at your Harford County home or business.

Whether you are trying to add value to your home or attract new customers to your business, curb appeal is the name of the game.

Harford County Homeowners and Curb Appeal

For homeowners, a lack of curb appeal can not only detract from your home value, but also make your home much harder to sell down the road. In today’s technologically driven real estate market, potential homebuyers will not even visit a home if it does not look good online. And 10% of homebuyers cannot see the potential of a home.

Harford County Business Owners and Curb Appeal

For business owners, curb appeal can be the difference between the success and failure of your business. Just like real estate, buying or shopping has been greatly influenced by technology. Nowadays, shoppers can get anything they could possibly want online. So why do they go out to brick and mortar stores? The experience. So it is your job to ensure they have a good experience, and it all starts with curb appeal. In fact, as much as 70% of all first-time sales at restaurants, retail shops, lodging facilities, and attractions come from curb appeal.

How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home or Business

One cost-effective way that both homeowners and business owners can add curb appeal to their properties is with the help of Nicolock Patio Pavers. Made using Nicolock’s patented Paver-Shield™ technology, these patio pavers will continue to look great long after they have been installed. Additional benefits include:

  1. Richer, more vibrant color that will not fade over time, because the color is throughout the full thickness of the paver.
  2. A smooth ultra-dense surface that will not wear.
  3. Nicolock patio pavers stand up to harsh de-icing salts, making them perfect for commercial use.
  4. These durable pavers also come with a lifetime warranty.
  5. And So Much More!

Nicolock Patio Pavers in Harford County

With 40 years in the home improvement industry, Freedom Fence and Home has earned a reputation for high quality work and even higher quality customer service at an affordable rate. If that doesn’t scream win-win, we don’t know what does. Our hardscape experts are ready to help homeowners and business owners in Harford County design a new patio that will have passersby noticing your home or business. Click Here to view our patio gallery.

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