Re-Decking is an Affordable Alternative to Deck Replacement

Re-DeckingMany homeowners in need of a new fence simply shy away from the project for one simple reason: money. Deck replacement can be out of your price range. Still, something has to be done. Your deck is no longer safe for you and your loved one. The boards are warped, cracking, or worse, rotted; nails are popped; and the railings are loose.

The solution: Re-Decking, which can save homeowners as much as 20% over the cost of a deck replacement. The structure and frame of the deck is left intact, while the boards are replaced. This significantly reduces both labor and materials costs. Unfortunately, not every deck is a candidate.

Is Re-Decking an Option?

There are several factors to consider when determining if your deck is a candidate for re-decking. 1) Are the footings sound? If they are, you are in good shape. If not, deck replacement may be your best option. 2) What condition is the wooden structure in? If rot is present in the structure itself, re-decking is not an option. 3) Is the deck structurally sound? If you have answered yes to these three factors, re-decking should be an option. However, the only way to know for sure is to have your deck inspected by an expert.

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The Benefits of Re-Decking

  1. The finished product will look just like a brand new deck. Only you and Freedom Fence will know the difference.
  2. As we have already mentioned, re-decking is an affordable alternative to deck replacement, saving homeowners as much as 20%.
  3. Re-decking is also a much faster process than deck replacement, meaning less disruption to your home and your life.
  4. Re-decking is a great time to consider switching to low maintenance decking. While the structure of your deck will remain wood, the railings and deck boards will be made of composite or vinyl materials.
  5. And More!

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