Customize the Screened Porch in Your Columbia Home

beautiful screened porch

We’re here to get your screened porch in gear for the spring!

We’re here to get your screened porch in gear for the spring! With February ending soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful spring weather before you know it. With a screened porch, you’ll be able to enjoy a cool spring breeze without worrying about infuriating insects. Not only is a screened porch beneficial from a logical level, but it also beautifies a home. If you’re living in Columbia, there is a chance that your home is already fabulous, but why not make it even more fabulous AND stand out from your neighborhood? Here are multiple ideas that will help you customize the screened porch in your Columbia home or any Maryland home. 

Living Room/Dining Room Screened Porches

In 2020, maximizing space is a priority. Turning this type of porch into a living room and dining room means that you can enjoy a cool spring or summer evening while enjoying a nice meal or curling up with your loved ones. What’s even better is that if you’re having a gathering, everyone will have a place to sit. What some homeowners decide to do is add natural stone flooring to their screened porch to make the additional room warmer and inviting.

Small Screened-In Porches

What’s excellent about our custom porches is that they work well with any home, whether small or large. So, if you have a smaller Columbia home or one that’s larger than life, you can still benefit from a screened-in porch. You always get all of the benefits of rocking in a rocking chair and reading and relaxing without needing to swat away mosquitos, wasps, or other winged insects.

A Screened Porch With a Hammock

You can turn our custom porches into your napping hub! Imagine resting on a hammock amid a gentle spring breeze. Naps aren’t just for children. They’re for hardworking adults as well. 

Screened-In Porch Bedroom

Our custom porches can be whatever you need them to be, including a bedroom. Piggybacking off of the hammock idea, some homeowners may find it viable to turn their screened-in porch into a guest room or place where they can fall asleep after looking at the stars. 

If you have a screened porch and desire to upgrade it, then we hope these tips are helpful. If you don’t own one, then allow us to enhance your Columbia home. 

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