Screened Porch vs. a Sunroom

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Screened porch or sunroom? Here are a few thoughts to get you started.

The right outdoor living space can completely transform more than just your yard—it can also totally change how you use your home. Many homeowners today are investing in versatile screened porches and sunrooms that allow them to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without some of the downsides, like bugs. When you are choosing between a screened porch vs. a sunroom, which is a better fit for your needs? 

What Are Sunrooms?

Sunrooms are outdoor living spaces that actually aren’t outdoors at all! They are typically enclosed on all four sides and have windows on at least 50% of the wall area so that it feels like you’re outside. Because sunrooms are technically indoors, you can control the temperature (independently of the house) and use them virtually year-round.

Screened Porch vs. a Sunroom

One of the key differences when you are choosing a screened porch vs. a sunroom is whether or not the space is fully enclosed. Screened porches use screens instead of glass to limit bugs but still allow you to feel the breeze and smell the crisp air. Screened porches are also often affordable, as they can easily be added onto an existing porch or deck to save you time and money. 

Which Is Right for You? 

There are numerous factors that will help you decide between a screened porch vs. sunroom, including: 

  • Location: If you live in a place with a cold winter, like Maryland, a sunroom can be appealing because you can use it for all four seasons. However, screened porches can still be used for at least half of the year due to the warm spring. 
  • Intention: Why are you choosing between a screened porch vs. a sunroom? If you want to use the space as a craft room or functional space, a sunroom can be more functional than a screen room. 
  •  Usage: It’s important to be realistic about how much you’ll use the space. If you are primarily going to use it for outdoor entertaining, a screened porch may be a better pick. 

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