Summer Deck Maintenance Tips

The summer is the perfect time to take your family out on your wooden deck to have a meal on the grill.  But nothing ruins fun time on the back deck more than an injury to due to a faulty railing or a rotted floor plank.  It is critical to have a maintenance schedule prepared during the summer because your deck might have been negatively affected by the harsh winter snow storms and spring thunderstorms.  Now it is warm and dry for you to go out and inspect your deck’s structure.

wooden deck

What to check for when doing deck maintenance

Check For Rot

The first thing to inspect for are areas affected by rot.  Start with the stairs especially the stringers, the pieces that support the stairs from the ground up.  Rot can be detected by inserting a screwdriver into the structure.  If you can drive it in a quarter inch or more, that piece is probably rotted.  Affected areas that are smaller than a silver dollar can be removed with a chisel and treated with a wood preservative.  Large areas might require the structure to be replaced, so call a contractor immediately if that occurs.

Go Underneath

Pop your head under your deck and check for potential damage with a flashlight.  Check the ledger rust and holes.  The ledger is the important structure that attaches the deck to your house and damaged one is the cause of 90 percent of deck collapses.  If any of the joists or posts are rusted, replace immediately.

Give It A Shake

Check the railing for any damage or loose posts by giving it a good shake.  Loose posts can be fixed by drilling a pilot hole and adding a lag screw.  Look for cracks and rust around the nails and screws that hold the railing together.  Inspecting your railing is a major way to prevent anyone from hurting themselves going up and down your deck!


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