A TimberTech Composite Deck Builder in Ellicott City

TimberTech Composite Deck Ellicott City

Freedom Fence and Home has lots of experience with TimberTech decking, and is available in the Ellicott City area

Savvy homeowners in Ellicott City are quickly realizing the many benefits of composite decking and TimberTech technology. With elegant and pristine homes, Ellicott City residents only want the best additions to their house. A deck is the focal point of gatherings, and one made of cheap materials just wouldn’t look right. What then, are some of the benefits of TimberTech and composite decks?

Easy Maintenance

The right deck builder in Ellicott City will showcase how easy it is to take care of a composite deck. While most people like the appeal of a wooden deck, many homeowners get in over their heads when it comes to maintenance. From staining to annual painting, the maintenance costs of wooden decks can quickly add up. You also have to take into consideration that wooden decks have issues with rot and insect infestations. With TimberTech, you are able to own an aesthetically pleasing deck without all the maintenance. That means more time to enjoy your deck, and less time taking care of it!

Increases Home Value

When you make any addition to your Ellicott City home, you want to make sure you will receive a return on your investment. With composite decking additions, you may see as high as a 71% return on your deck. Without having to do much maintenance, that is a pretty solid return on your investment! New homeowners don’t want the hassle of constant deck maintenance. You boost the value of your home with a not only a great deck, but a great selling point in the fact that the deck is low maintenance. Even if you currently aren’t planning to sell your home, it’s nice to know that if you do, you will help to boost the value of your house.

Safety and Durable Composite Decks

Composite deck builders rave about the safety and durability of composite decking. Wooden decks can splinter and become very slippery, which is an obvious concern for homeowners with small children or pets. TimberTech decks will not splinter, and you can feel assured that your family is safe with a composite deck. The weather can wear down wooden decks, and it can leave the wood splintered and warped. Composite decks don’t face the same issues as wooden decks, and you will be very happy with your durable deck. If you’re ready to boost the value of your home and enjoy hosting all your friends and family, Freedom Fence and Home is ready to work with you! Freedom Fence and Home has lots of experience with TimberTech decking, and is available in the Ellicott City area to install custom decks to suit your needs.  We’re also very familiar with a broad range of other materials such as wood and PVC. Call Freedom Fence and Home at 443-271-6841 for answers to all questions about TimberTech composite decks.  We will also happily answer questions about other types of decking.  You can also reach us through our website.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for even more information!

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