Types of Winter Deck Damage to Watch Out For


Keeping snow off your deck as much as possible is just one of many steps that can save you in the long run

When it comes to winter deck care, you’re much better off to spend a little time and money on it now than to have to refinish or replace the whole thing in the spring. The cold, snow, and ice that winter brings can have a variety of adverse effects on your deck, but there are steps that you can take now to save yourself the headache, time, and money that it would cost otherwise. Take advantage of these winter deck care tips so you can get out and enjoy your outdoor space as soon as it warms up outside.

Deck Cleaning

It’s a good idea to give your deck periodic cleanings throughout the year, and particularly so before the harsh winter weather hits. Removing dirt and debris from your deck’s surface and from between the boards will prevent structural damage and allow for better ventilation. This could be particularly important to let snow and water fall through, reducing the load that your deck has to carry.

Water Damage

Stay a step ahead of the winter deck care game by applying a water-seal coat. Moisture from snow and rain can have detrimental effects on your deck’s stability, and when that moisture freezes it can make your surface a bit more brittle, too. If your surface absorbs any moisture it’s also likely that you’re susceptible to mold or mildew, which can also ruin your surface.

Don’t Forget to Shovel Your Deck

Everyone’s first thought after a snowstorm is to clear the driveway, but many don’t think to clear the deck too. Prolonged exposure to carrying the weight of snow and ice can be harmful to your deck’s structural integrity. Proper winter deck care means shoveling your deck just as often as you do your driveway, preventing weight and freezing from harming it.

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