Ways to Storm Proof Your Fence

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Protect your fence from the next big storm!

Last week, we watched as Hurricane Hermine hiccupped her way through the east coast. What was originally expected to be one of the largest tropical storms of the year, tapered off in Georgia. By the time she made her way to Maryland, we barely experienced any rain.

This came as a blessing for so many reasons. First being, that hurricanes and tropical storms have a tendency to cause irreversible damage to our property and homes. Second being, that our Labor Day picnics were saved from the inconvenient weather.

We may have missed the storm this time around, but with the changing season, it’s important to take a few preventative measures with our fences, just in case another storm does start rolling our way.

Trim Your Trees

Take a walk around the perimeter of your fence and look at the trees surrounding it (if any). If there are any dying or dead trees, it’s best to get rid of them now. These trees are no longer stable, and could blow over during a storm with high winds. Protect your fence from damage caused by a fallen tree by cutting these down today. Check for any limbs that hang over your fence as well. Larger limbs should be trimmed to keep them from falling on top of your fence.

Check the Integrity of Your Fence

While you’re walking around your fence checking for trees, take a look at the posts and support beams of your fence. If there are any that are broken or seem unstable, you should have those replaced immediately. A broken post could fly away during a bad storm, potentially harming other parts of your house or even breaking a window.

Get Everything Out of There

Bring everything inside or into your shed. What seems like an innocent football could potentially turn into something that could damage your home or your fence. Any potted plants you have outside near your fence should be brought closer to the house to ensure that they don’t blow away.

Wood Fence Installation in Maryland

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