Ways to Stay Warm All Year On Your Deck

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Stay warm all year round with patio heating!

If you are looking to make your deck or patio a space that can be truly enjoyed all year round, and throughout the seasons, it’s time to look into patio heating. While many people lose the use of their decks and patios due to the cold weather at some point during the fall, deck and patio heating can turn your deck into an all-seasons retreat.  

What To Look For In Deck And Patio Heating

There is a wide variety of patio and deck heaters to choose from. Depending on the state you live in, these may keep you warm well into the fall or even all year. The right heater for you depends largely on the size and shape of your deck or patio. The most common heaters are tallow and allow guests to stand under them, but you there are also table top heater and heaters which can be mounted on ceilings or walls. Choose one that will look the best with your space, since most manufacturers offer a few options for the same heater make. These can include stainless steel or different metal accents. Design choices range from the simple and functional to the more ornate or modern.

Know What Fuel You Want To Use


Propane, natural gas, and electric deck and patio heaters are available. Each has their own pros and cons. Propane offers mobility and ease of use. They can be placed anywhere without installation, but propane is the most expensive fuel. Natural gas is a much cheaper fuel, but heaters that run on it must be installed professionally. Electric heaters are the most environmentally friendly, in the middle as far as price, and depending on the model can either be professionally installed or just plugged in.

Ready To Let Deck Or Patio Heating Give You An All Seasons Pass To Summer Fun?

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