Decorating Your Deck for Labor Day

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Transform this space into a festive wonderland!

As your kids head back to school and grumble about returning to homework, the local pool winds down for the season, you start your end of summer and beginning of fall maintenance, and you prepare for the last hurrah of the summer on your deck, make sure you use some of these tips to set your Labor Day party apart from the rest. These decorating and entertaining tips are sure to dazzle your family, friends, and neighbors during the last weekend of the summer.

Get Colorful

You place artwork all over the walls of your living room and bedroom at home, so why not introduce some color to your deck? Hang some colorful outdoor decorations on your deck, like a bright summery kite. Consider swapping out your deck umbrella for one that is more cheery and bright, or simply hang some fun decorations from it. If you prefer a more elegant and formal look, place a figurine or stone statue that represents your family or personal tastes. Having a party at night? Purchase colorful, shaped, or simple strings of lights and string them along the perimeter of your deck railing.

Heat Things Up

While this summer has been a scorcher, it still gets cool after dark. Heat up your Labor Day deck gathering with a fire pit. Fire pits are a great way to add practical warmth while still also adding a lot aesthetically. If you don’t have a fire pit, consider adding some tea-light candles all around your deck and railing to light. Tea-lights add a ton of warmth and light for a low price.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

While you are familiar with the daytime smells of summer—the freshly cut lawn, the smoke of the ribs on the barbecue, and the chlorine of the pool lingering in your hair, you might not be as familiar with the beautiful nighttime summer scents. Consider planting flowers that specifically bloom during the night like moonflower vines or an Angel Trumpet tree. Moonflower vines blossom at night and smell wonderful. Angel Trumpet trees have gorgeous trumpet-shaped blooms that emerge at night for a stunning presentation. Both of these flowers will add a lot to your Labor Day deck party after the sun goes down!

Ready to Make Your Deck or Fence Shine?

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