Deck Maintenance Tips to Welcome Fall

Deck Maintenance

Maintain Your Deck as the Seasons Change

You spent the summer sipping cocktails and grilling burgers on your deck with family and friends. Gram and Pop came over habitually to play with the kids, and Uncle John spent a bit too much time sprawled out on the patio furniture. You spent late nights chatting about the day and early mornings nestled into a newspaper and a cup of coffee outside under an umbrella. The days are still hot and humid here in Maryland but it’s time to face the facts: the summer is coming to an end.

You built this deck when you purchased the house, and it’s a part of your home that you care about and can be proud of. As you start to unpack the sweaters and mud boots, consider taking a little time next weekend to give your deck a little TLC. A little fall maintenance will keep your favorite summer hang out spot healthy and attractive through the harsh winter months.

Sweep Sweep Sweep

First things first, give the surface of your deck a good cleaning. You deck has seen a lot of use this summer, and may have started to collect noticeable amounts debris from neighboring trees and guests. Give the deck a once over and pick up any small sticks or fallen leaves. Look for any surface gunk that may be stuck between areas or just really caked on. You may need to use a pressure sprayer to remove those pesky messes that just won’t budge. Making sure that your deck is a free space will ensure that mold and fungus doesn’t grow in these areas.

Check for Unwelcome Guests

It’s important for you to walk around the area of your deck to check for termites or small rodents that may be challenging the integrity of your structure. You may need to get on your hands and knees for a closer examination. Termites are a serious issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible so as soon as you see something do something.

Pat Down the Questionable Spots

There are a few star players featured in the structure of your deck. Check the ledger board that’s attached to your house and make sure there are no signs of water damage or rotting. Tighten any loose bolts you may see and double check that everything is fastened correctly. Sand down any edges that could splinter, and hammer any nails that may have popped loose.

Relax (or keep going – it’s up to you)

Once you have ensured that your deck is in top shape, you can sit back and enjoy the changing seasons. Maybe you want to continue the usage of your deck space during the colder months. Now is a good time to start looking at the safest and most efficient space heaters for those chilly fall nights spent sipping cider outdoors. Go ahead, the deck is your oyster!

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