Which Side of the Fence Should Face Your Neighbor?

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Learn the answer to this essential fence installation question!

If you get a privacy fence, you’ll notice that one side is smooth and finished-looking, while the other side exposes the structural elements, the horizontal rails. If you are getting a fence in this style, you will come to the question, “Which side of the fence should face your neighbor?” It’s a good question, and generally, the answer is . . . 

Know the Local Law

First, it’s best to check with your local law or HOA law. Your HOA, neighborhood covenant, or equivalent will delineate how you should install your fence, including which side of the fence should face your neighbor. It will also show you what to do regarding the fence and the property line. In general, the answer is to have the smooth, finished side face your neighbor.

Be Charitable to Your Neighbor

Even without any laws, Americans in neighborhoods everywhere generally agree to face the more polished side toward the neighbors rather than their backyard. If for any other reason, it is more polite to face the “prettier” side of the fence toward your neighbors rather than toward yourself. As a privacy fence, it also could help with security; it would be harder for outsiders to climb up the fence with no rails to use as a foothold.

Make Your House Look Great

Aside from common courtesy, it will also benefit your curb appeal to face the finished side outward. People who approach or pass the house will see a finished-looking property rather than one with the structural bones sticking out.

Live up to a “Normal” Look

Even if you’d like to be a trendsetter with the opposite approach, people will likely look at your yard and feel like the fence is inside out. Which side a fence faces might not be something everyday people notice, but it surrounds us so much that we may subconsciously know if something looks “off.”

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