Creative Uses for the Space Under a Deck

Low Maintenance Deck 46

How do you use that giant space under the deck? Here are a few ideas!

The space under your deck could be the free real estate you need to make your life more efficient. Storage and living space can feel completely different when you use it to the max. In this post, we shall show you creative uses for the space under a deck, both for low and high-elevation decks.

Spaces Under a Low-to-Mid-Level Deck

Extra Storage Space

For a deck that resides closer to the ground, the space underneath it could be an extra storage space. This option works best for decks that are at least 30 inches above the soil. You can insert a drop-down storage box into the deck, put doors on the deck’s sides along the skirting, or a combination. It could be the perfect space to hold extra outdoor living equipment, garden tools, and other items that can withstand the outdoors.

Closed-Off Space

Alternatively, you can just close off the space. You can make it accessible for the sake of deck maintenance. Some people close off their deck with lattice, but you can also use wood, composite, or vinyl decking, bricks, or plants.

Entrance to Your Secret Lair

If you have a secret bunker for storage, a secret hideout, or safety from tornadoes, you could make its entrance through your deck’s floor. Otherwise, there is at least one more use for the space under your low-elevation deck, which you can find out here.

Spaces Under a High Elevation Deck

Outdoor Living Space

If you have a high elevation deck, you may have enough space to create a second outdoor living space. Create a cozy patio or even a ground-level deck. With another platform on top, you can easily add a curtain or privacy lattice if needed.


You could also turn it into a container garden area for all your favorite flowers or garden fruits and vegetables. Another option is to turn it into a flower bed and not worry about it.

Outdoor Kitchen

This spot could also be perfect to install your outdoor kitchen, which could be as simple as a portable grill or an elaborate as a built-in grill with countertops, storage, and fridge.

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