Hidden Deck Storage Ideas

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Decks come with many storage opportunities, some of them hidden.

Hidden built-in features in homes have always been a source of intrigue for countless people. Secret doors disguised as flooring, bookcases, or wall panels, artwork hiding a secret safe, and secret passageways are exciting and always a part of any adventurous luxury home. If you are building a new deck, you can make hidden features a part of the design, giving you extra storage space and your deck a clean-cut look. Let’s check out these hidden deck storage ideas below.

Hidden Deck Storage Ideas

Deck Hatch Storage

Deck hatches likely get their inspiration from boats, which have doors in the floor to hide away extra supplies. Deck hatches are just that: rectangular or square doors that lift up from the floor to reveal a hidden compartment. 

They range greatly in size. The smallest ones usually have two finger holes so you can lift them out and access the storage box. Others are so large that they have an automated opening mechanism like a garage door does. Some blend in with the rest of the deck so well that you wouldn’t know it is there.

Deck hatches can have boxes attached underneath for extra supplies, or they could give you access to utilities for your home or hot tub. Some use deck hatches to hide cellar or basement entrances.

Hinged Deck Skirting

Hinged deck skirting is pretty straightforward. Most decks, even low-elevation decks, are at least a foot off of the ground. There is a lot of empty space under that deck! The space under your deck, if it is high enough, could be useful for storing outdoor gear, lawn equipment, gardening tools, and more. 

Your deck skirting can easily hide a door that leads to this storage area. Of course, you will want to know where it is and have an indication of where to find it. The deck skirting could be a lattice pattern or a solid pattern. It will be enough to keep animals and intruders from entering this space.

Outdoor Storage Furniture

Another easy way to incorporate hidden deck storage is to use outdoor deck furniture with ample storage. If you have built-in deck benches, they could lift up to store blankets and pillows. You could also use storage ottomans and storage side tables. 

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