Should I Convert a Deck into a Screened Porch?

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Is a screened porch enclosure for your deck a good idea?

You might have a backyard deck that you love–that is, until it’s summer and the sun is at its highest point. You might have an outdoor shade umbrella, but when you eat outdoors, the flies start coming and won’t leave you alone. Should you convert your deck into a screened porch? It can be a more complex decision than first meets the eye.

Benefits of Converting a Deck into a Screened Porch

First, we’ll look at the benefits of screened porches in general.

Provide Much-Needed Shade

Screened porches no doubt provide you with the shade you seek. The solid roof overhead guarantees that you will stay out of direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day. At the same time, you can still enjoy the outdoor air and ample sunlight. A screened porch is technically an outdoor space, but it will keep you from getting sunburned or rained on.

Keep Bug-Free

Screened porches have mesh windows that let in the outdoor air but keep bugs and critters outside that zone. If you know what it is like to have swarms of bugs congregating on your furniture and even your food, then you understand what a relief this benefit would be. While it might not be 100% bugproof, it will significantly reduce your outdoor area’s bugginess.

Contain Your Outdoor Living Space

Do you have kids or pets that you want to keep safe when outdoors, even when you are not around to supervise? A fenced-in backyard is one way to keep your young ones safe, and Freedom Fence & Deck is happy to build a fence for you in Maryland. However, if you are looking to create a safe outdoor living space for your kids and pets to play, then a screened porch could be an option.

Have More Temperature Control

While there are patio heaters for outdoor spaces, you will have better temperature control on a screened porch. You can add a ceiling fan and a space heater alike. 

Should You Convert a Deck into a Screened Porch?

Enclosing your deck with a screened porch could make interior rooms darker or obstruct views. Consider these factors before deciding to build one, and consult with Freedom Fence & Deck in Maryland if you have questions.

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